Men's vertical stripe button-up?
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Help me find this shirt?

Silly to waste a question on this but I need this shirt, slim fit. Doesn't necessarily need to be these colors, but I like the width of the stripes. Most vertical strip button-ups I find are thin or multiple widths/colors.
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I believe I have that shirt, or one nearly identical to it. Not slim fit, since I am not exactly slim, but yeah. I will post a photo (including inside label) when I get home tonight. IIRC, I bought it at Sears, believe it or not, about 6 months ago.
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This is called a Bengal stripe, but it seems like searching with that keyword doesn't help much.
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The only way (that I've found) of nailing the exact right kind of striped shirt is to search repeatedly on eBay, changing the search terms and filters and sticking to it relentlessly until I find what I want.

I found this for example, but I see that your example has much wider stripes, even though this one has evenly spaced stripes so it's partway there. It's also a size L so the meaning of "slim fit" is going to depend on what size shirt you usually take.

Here's one in white and purple, again the stripes are probably narrower than you would like but they are even, and it also has the slight sheen that your example has got. I know this because it's by Autograph and I have the exact same shirt, in red and white. So there is a brand name to search on.
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Brooks Brothers.
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Now I learned a new keyword from AugustWest - Bengal Stripe. TM Lewin has one with wider stripes, and that listing has exact measurements for you to check the fit.
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I saw the shirt and immediately thought of the Brooks Brothers shirt AugustWest linked to (which I own), but the stripes are a little narrower than the one in the picture. If you do buy it, you might want to look at measurements; Brooks Brother's slim fit is a bigger than you might think from the (old) name, it fits me pretty well and I'm pudgy. you probably want the extra slim which is now called Milano.
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How about this?

I also found this on Pinterest. Same guy, same outfit.
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Here is one from Gant in several lighter colorways - the drawback is that it has a tragic logo on the pocket. Here is a tunic-y button-down version that I am so tempted by you would not believe even though I would never spend that much on a shirt unless it could also wash and press itself. Here is one of regular length with a button-down collar in a darkish blue.

I think that this kind of stripe is coming back - my expectation would be that you'll see a lot more of them in the next twelve months.

You're not in the UK by any chance, are you? Because to me that looks like a stripe you'd see more from Ted Baker or one of the other sort of exuberant makers - the Gant ones I link are to me much more American - more subfusc colors, less gloss, button-down collars.

I myself would keep an eye on ASOS - they have some wide stripes now that are not exactly what you're looking for but they don't seem to have Fall stock yet.

J Peterman has a collarless navy version.

I love stripes! Awning stripes, bengal stripes, basically any non-standard stripe. I have a couple of these bengal stripe shirts that I've eBayed over the years, and they are indeed tough to find. But I look forward to their renaissance.
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You could try Butcher Stripe as a keyword, too. For example here and here.
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Butcher Stripe definitely is it, NOT bengal stripe. Though these may be British terms not US-- I can only find British sites selling versions of what you posted.
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H&M to the rescue. Looks like it is a little more of a gray-ish blue tone for the stripes but otherwise a really good match and only $40
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I think that this kind of stripe is coming back - my expectation would be that you'll see a lot more of them in the next twelve months, says I.

One update on the impending availability of bold striped shirts, you guys: Did I call it or did I call it?

There are some bold striped shirts linked in the post.
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