A Pox On Knox - Mefite investigators, have at it!
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Silly old poem from my childhood. I'd love to find the whole thing and the origin, and my google-fu is not all that strong on the best of days. Does this ring any bells?

My sister remembers this as:

A pox on Knox
And in his bed, rocks
Holes in his socks,
Ants in his jocks,
May his boss abuse him
His wife accuse him
His girlfriend refuse him
And.... (?)

She thinks it might have come from an old joke book. Old, in this case, could mean it was something she found in an old book of my grandmother's (she had an autograph book that had a bunch of silly notes), and Grandmother was born in 1892. Or it could have been contemporaneous with our late childhood / early teens, which would be late 60s/early 70s.

I myself remember it as being presented in the second person, i.e., "on YOU a pox, holes in your socks," etc. That could be wishful thinking, though.

I bet someone can find this or already knows it and I bet that person posts here. TIA!
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Best answer: It appears to be from "Todays Witches" by Suzy Smith, page 100-101. That's the most complete version I can locate online. Anybody got a copy that can verify?
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'm ordering a copy of it now! Great sleuthing, cosmicbandito!
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A pox on Knox!
In his bed, rocks!
Mental blocks!
An overdose of lox!
Holes in his socks!
Ants in his jocks!

May his wife abuse him!
His girl friend refuse him!
His patients accuse him!
The income tax goose him!

Let him find a bear!
In his favorite chair!
Let him lose his hair
And his dress pants tear!

May he get the old ral
And a terrible cough;

and that's all I can extract from Google Books.
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Response by poster: Just in case I'm not the only one who cares, and/or for future reference, here is how it ends:

May he get the old ral
And a terrible cough
May his teeth fall out
And his toes fall off!

Cloud his ability!
Wreck his agility!
Sap his virility!

This on him!
That on him!
Spit on him!
Spat on him!

According to the writer it really did work even though it was supposed to be a joke.
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