A really good divorce attorney in Clevland, OH
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Asking for a friend. Her husband just told her he wants a separation/divorce, but refuses to move out of the house because he wants to co-parent. Lots of details about why they are heading for divorce, but she needs an attorney that will fight for her and kids. She has talked to two attorneys and they seem soft. Her husband is very smart, manipulative, and willing to play dirty. She needs a strong advocate. Help!
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She may want to check out Avvo. They rate lawyers pretty well, and I've personally found an excellent family law attorney through there. It could point her to many lawyers that suit her needs. Most family law attorneys these days have free consultations, so she can try a few on for size before she makes a final decision.
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I had a great experience with asking for lawyer referrals from my elected officials. Your State Senator, City Council member, etc. will know good and tough attorneys.
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I have no one specific, but I once found an excellent, vicious divorce lawyer by asking my local women's clinic.
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Your friend shouldn't be looking for a lawyer who doesn't seem soft.

Your friend should be looking for a lawyer who is thoughtfully assessing your friend's desired outcomes and who sets forth a track record of achieving outcomes like that for similarly situated clients.

There is truly nothing more common among lawyers than a shitty one who gets clients by promising to make that bastard or b*tch's life miserable.

The best divorce lawyers are ones who invariably have good relationships with judges and with other members of the bar. You put two of them into a room and they emerge in an hour with a property division, custody, child support and maintenance deal very close to what the husband and wife would expect to get with years of bitter litigation.
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By the way, a husband who initiates a divorce and doesn't move out citing a desire to co-parent sounds like one who already has a good, calm and probably quite "soft" seeming lawyer on his side.

In addition to being a power move for more child custody (and hence lower child support), it also tends to result in the wife doing something crazy (like an unfounded abuse allegation to get an order of protection) or dumb (like swapping his home equity for her stake in his business or retirement account) in order to get him out.
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