Business Finance + Banking & Financial Markets Degrees, but no exp -HELP
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Graduated ages ago (1997) with a BSBA in Business Finance and Banking & Financial Markets (double major). Never went in to the field, but now I'm thinking I want to career change in to it.

Instead of pursuing a career in finance, I went into hospitality, recruiting, communications, and then healthcare since earning my undergrad degrees. I even went back to school and received my MA in Political Management (2006).

I'm now looking for something different once again, but am not sure how to transition in to finance without having to go back to school - though, I would consider it if need be.

My overall, general issue, is that I really enjoy learning new things and find myself in a rut after a few years in a particular field.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?
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A, banking degree from 20 years ago is not worth much now. You would still need a lot of training to use it but the market has been extremely stagnant and regulated. Have you considered putting your learning to the test and getting involved with training and development? That is a wide open category.
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