Please help me find more geeky unicorns.
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Please help me find awesome geeky t-shirts in the massive haystack that is Etsy.

I love geeky t-shirts, especially small-batch prints like the ones made by Unicorn Empire on Etsy. I love funny/snarky t-shirts, especially if they also happen to be feminist.

Etsy's search function is an utter crap shoot, and since I've had good luck with recommendations for sticker shops, I figure I'd ask the female geeks of MeFi where y'all get your t-shirts/tanks on Etsy. Jewellery and random doodad recs welcome too.

My fandoms: Harry Potter (Gryffindors represent!), Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: TFA, Star Trek (mostly the new movies, but I'm currently watching TOS), Marvel (the Avengers, specifically Black Widow, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark), DC (specifically Supergirl, the Batclan, and Wonder Woman), Pokémon (old-school, not Go), Jupiter Ascending, and LOTR/The Hobbit.

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Maiden Voyage has some nice, geeky stuff that is similar in style to Unicorn Empire. My wife and I own shirts from both. I've had luck with shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere (not on Etsy) gifts given to women.

And to self-plug a moment under the 'doodad recs,' I do hand carved and pressed blockprints of aliens, ufos, Lovecraftian nightmares, and so forth on to wooden panels. Only one shirt so far, but there is one piece might be of specific interest to old-school Pokémon trainers. I'm looking ahead to the next shirt (likely based on this design) and you can follow my tumblr or website to see more.

When I started making this stuff, I assumed my target audience was male geeks like me, but have been proven wrong by the large number of women who purchase my work. Judging by your fandoms, you're squarely in this group so if you have any specific suggestions of things you'd like to see, let me know!
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I have a few t-shirts from Crawlspace Studios - specifically the blueprint of the Millennium Falcon. It looks like they have a flux capacitor shirt now too, so maybe poke around there?

I've also purchased quite a bit from Binary Winter - they have steampunk, sci fi, D & D, and Dr. Who stuff.

I haven't ordered from her yet, but Rachel Ignotofsky does beautiful science/pop-culture-y illustration.
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Does it have to be from Etsy? Because has a lot of good geeky shirts.
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