I Need A Shoe That Doesn't Squeeeeeeeeak
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Good people of MetaFilter, I want to find a gladiator - type women's pump that doesn't squeak. Currently, I own these shoes. I love them, but they squeak so much it sounds like I am walking on dolphins. I have bad knees so I can't do much more thsn about a 2.5 inch heel. I don't mind a platform pump as long as the toe is not too much lower than the heel. I want them in black, and I would prefer leather to man made material. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!
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Response by poster: Oh, sorry, forgot to add that I am in the US.
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Sandalis are my go to suggestion but they do take 4 weeks or so to get to you. Still, they are pretty amazing for the price. I'd say the heel on mine is no more than a half inch.
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Try running a search on Shopstyle -- they aggregate a lot of sites for you and let you use keywords, choose heel height, etc.
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if you can identify which straps are rubbing and making that squeaking sound, try rubbing some wax between them.
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Those shoes are really cute. If you love them all but the squeak, maybe take them to a shoe repair and see if they can help. They'd know what kind of oils/wax/whatever would be safe for the shoes, and where to apply it.
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