Give me your best desktop organizers!
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I'm changing jobs and don't want to pack up/move my current desktop organizer set-up, which is both old and cheap/flimsy. I currently have two organizers I use, a stacked plastic organizer like this, and a wire file holder like this.

The replacement(s) I'm looking for would ideally:

1. Have space for mutiple file folders with easy accessibility/ability to view contents
2. Have at least two stacked "in box" style spots for me to store student work
3. Be sturdy
4. Look stylish/nice since I'll be staring at it all day
5. One piece or multiple pieces are both okay
6. Budget-wise, would be willing to spend up to around $150-200 on the whole setup, but obviously lower than that is fine too

I can obviously search for this on Amazon as well as the next person, but I'm curious if you have something specific to recommend or a creative set-up that you use.
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Your taste may vary, but I love the Poppin stuff (available at container store and Amazon). It's all straight lines and bright colors. Here's their file storage stuff and their letter trays stuff.
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I have a couple of things like this in my office, including this black metal organizer, which might meet your requirements.
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Amazon has sturdy metal mesh products, like this one from Safco. Rolodex also has a metal mesh line of office accessories available on Amazon.

Also, if you like them, you can find some nice vintage pieces on Etsy and elsewhere. Here's an example.
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