How to stay on top of ambient/psybient music? Blogs? Podcasts?
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I'm looking for ways to stay on top of current trends in ambient/psybient/atmospheric drum & bass music.

I really like listening to ambient, and more recently 'psybient' music. I know some 'classics' like Brian Eno and Stars of the Lid. I like listening to Godspeed, you Black Emperor (though it's not a perfect fit. For the psychedelic side I love listening to Aes Dana.

I've also been paying attention to 'atmospheric' and 'liquid' drum and bass lately (think LTJ Bukem), so I'd be interested in that too. Basically I like big 'open' sounds and I don't want to be stuck in decades old music.

Where should I go if I want to stay on top of these genres without getting completely overwhelmed? In an ideal situation I wouldn't have to wade through lots of mediocre music, and someone would be pointing me at the 'best' of these genres.
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A strangely isolated place is pretty good (both the blog and the curated mixes, e.g.).
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Headphone Commute is the best that I know of.

Based on your preferences I'd definitely give A winged victory for the sullen a try and perhaps even Mogwai
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My favorite source (aside from checking out what my Bandcamp network is listening to) is Anti-Gravity Bunny. He is generally on the ambient/drone/noise tip, which happens to overlap with my tastes nicely. YMMV.
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