Science-y Adventures for Adults in the Bay Area?
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I'd like to follow around a trained naturalist or scientist and listen to them hold forth on flora, fauna, geology, weather, (and some history) you name it. I have an Absolute Lack of Patience for general tours that lack a suitable density of information. (This is also true of nature documentaries.) I'm less picky about exact topic and more interested in interesting and knowledgeable speakers. Museums are cool, but I far prefer wandering around outside. Any ideas to share?
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Best answer: Are you interested in geology? This guy does occasional guided tours. His website is fascinating. Check the about page, I don't see any tours coming up, but there were two in July.
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CCSF (or maybe Peralta?) has a few 1 credit or 0.5-credit classes that seem to be basically a day or two of studying some part of the local ecosystem.
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This fall's offerings look sparse but last spring there were 1-2 day classes on the ecology of pt. Reyes and of the golden gate recreation area, for example.
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Don't have a specific recommendation for you but in my experience this is when springing for a private tour can make all the difference. Frequently docents and guides are full of great info but they have to keep things on a general level for their audiences. And then when you get them alone they can really speak and guide you in detail. (The private tour I had at the Louvre was the best 2.5 hours I've ever spent in any museum ever, and I was stunned at how much depth the guide went into.)
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Probably doesn't meet your density of information criteria, but a couple local companies do a nighttime bio-luminescence tour of Tomales Bay. Point Reyes Outdoors were excellent. They were guides, not scientists, but the whole thing was pretty cool.
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Best answer: The UC Berkeley botanical garden does docent guided tours of their extensive collection of native (and non native) flora. I have gone there almost 50 times with groups of students, and learned something new almost every time.
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Point Reyes likely would fit the bill. It is geologically unique, thus has unique flora and fauna. A quick Google turns up these options:
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