Looking for bag manufacturers similar to Tom Bihn.
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I'm caught between the Maker's bag, the large Cafe Bag and the Swift. Each one has features I like, but none of them exactly fit the bill. I'm looking for other brands that might sell exactly what I'm looking for. Are there other brands out there who sell bags that are utilitarian, have O-rings, LOTS of pockets, and are made to last? I'm a knitter, if it matters.

I love the versatility of Tom Bihn bags. However, they've discontinued the little Swift in favor of the larger one, and it's simply too big. I'd love a bag that's about the size of the Large Cafe bag but with more depth. The Maker's bag might fit the bill, but it's a whopping 7" deep. I'd want 5" max. I'm very petite and a too-large-bag will dwarf me.

What other manufacturers make bags with a lot of pockets that are built to last?
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Chrome and Reload offer a range of options.
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I'll 2nd Chrome and REload as great quality stuff. I'm also a huge fan of JANDD and Ortlieb - though the latter tends towards a "one-huge-pocket-and-a-bunch-of-tiny-pockets" design philosophy.

Also, Timbuk2's prices keep going up while the quality and design - while good - have stayed the same for a while, but they are widely available, and frequently on sale. So, I wouldn't pass one of their bags up - especially the laptop bags, which do have a ton of knitter-friendly sized pockets - if you find a good deal.
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I have a Tom Bihn that I love - but it's getting slightly too much for a daily bag.

Take a look at Waterfield Designs

Also - get the Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Strap - it's padded, stretches and is totally worth the $30. It would work on any bag.
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