WordPress Search not searching properly - at wit's end
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I have a WP site where several (more than 10) of the posts have the same text in the title. Like this, but not: Sneakers: Nike; Sneakers: Asics; Sneakers: Converse; Sneakers: Saucony. When I search (in the WP search bar) all of the posts come up except for two of them. I can't find anything wrong with the posts...they just don't appear.

For example, Sneakers: Saucony does not appear in the list on the search of "Sneakers," but if I do another search on say just "Saucony" -- it pops right up. I have tried re-doing the posts and scouring the all of the focus keyword(s) and the Meta keywords...but nothing looks amiss. My fingers and head hurt. I am by no means a WP expert, but I can usually figure things out. But not today. Halp?
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Best answer: I assume you've checked this but is it possible it's a poorly paginated site and the search results show the first ten ten and the next two are just ... like they're on another page but there's no obvious way to get there?
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Response by poster: Thanks Jessamyn -- I was gonna say that's not it, because all the other searches go beyond the first page...but checked and they used to....now no search at all goes beyond one page - when I am sure they did last time I did a search. I have no idea what happened or how to address the pagination problem. I think I will need to ask another question on this next week.
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Response by poster: Marking resolved -- pagination was an easy fix. Thanks jessamyn!
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