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I want to collect as much body data as I can as comfortably and discreetly as possible, what are your recommendations?

I want a wearable that will give me heart rate at a minimum that I can wear all the time. I'm doing this so that I can see how that data correlates with various contemplative practices I have. I don't need a display and I don't need to see the data while it's being collected. I won't always be exercising so it should work even when I'm not sweating (I've tried this with chest sensors a few years ago and they seem to loose connection w/o sweat).

It should export into a CSV or something portable.

GPS location could also be helpful, not required though.

Other measures: Galvanic skin response? Blood pressure? Oxygen levels? I have no idea what I'm talking about really, but am curious to know what's out there. Also possible would be something I could hack/build myself if Arduinos (and their ilk) have such sensors.

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I don't think we're at the point yet where a single device can track all the metrics you're probably interested in. Consider approaching this problem from different angles - buy a smart scale, for instance. The Withings Body Cardio can measure your arterial health, as well as fat, muscle, and bone mass, and water percentage, something no wearable can do today.
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