Orange Is The New Black Season Two question-
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in OITNB Season Two, Red and Piper are sharing the same space amicably. Why did that happen in the first place? I think it was a mid-season change.
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That was the season when Red basically got kicked out of the kitchen, right?

I think it was probably the fact that neither of them really had any friends so they started to open up to each other a little. Especially since their original spat was pretty petty anyways.
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Response by poster: yes it was. And your answer makes sense- and also provided lot's of conversational opportunities for the two primary characters!
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Didn't Red's original bunkmate die or get paroled? I seem to recall the second bed being vacated.
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Best answer: Piper's bunkmate was sent to max. The woman from Haiti who killed the man who raped one of the maids who worked for her.
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Best answer: My understanding was that Red hadn't had a bunkmate in quite a while due to her previous high status. Piper needed a place to go after she was back from SHU/Chicago/the 4-bunk holding area where Rosa was, and they put her with Red to annoy both of them.
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