Cos-play noob looking to build or acquire a Death Trooper costume
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I have never wanted to cosplay before, nor do I particularly enjoy dressing up. That is, until I saw the new black "Death Trooper" character in the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron trailer. Any advice on how to buy one or make one for myself?

More reference images here and here.
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How much time/money/effort are you looking to put in? The 501st might be a good place to start, if you are looking at serious cosplaying. I don't know how many people have gotten into the Death Trooper thing yet, but their Stormtrooper cosplay knowledge is probably second to none.
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These guys could probably help you too:
Subforum for Rogue One Costumes

(Edited to note: This stuff isn't exactly beginner level, but most cosplayers are a friendly sort and would be happy to steer a newbie in the right direction)
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Gawker site io9 ran an amazing series of how to build your own stormtrooper armor, from start to finish.
Here's the first entry.
Here are the rest, in, I believe, reverse order.

It's a real undertaking, at least this will show you what you're getting into, and how much fun you can have.
GO for it!
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I am a Star Wars costumer, albeit not 501st. I can safely say as soon as images are released people are working on building lol.

I don't know what resources might be on the 501st forums yet, but with something this new I'd actually suggest lookong at threads on the RPF (replica prop forum). They're more likely to list people selling (501st tends not to list sellers over fear of legal stuff), and they're certainly a good building resource.
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