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I have a pair of mens shoes, now worn out, that I really like. They no longer make them. Can you suggest a replacement? These.

They do everything I want - fit right, look sharp (imo), straddle that ever-so-elusive intersection of casual/hip/nice. They have very thin soles and are made of brogued artificial suede. They are comparable to maybe Jack Purcells, in terms of being a fairly slight shoe. I also like the dark gray color.

Possible additional complication: I wear mens size 13, US.
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These Johnston Murphys came to my mind, but I can't speak for sole thickness.
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Cole Haan makes a style called the Zerogrand that are pretty similar (and available in size 13). Here's a Google Shopping search that should help you out.
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Ecco makes a ton of shoes like this.
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I keep seeing ads for Sam Hubbard shoes & wishing they came in women's sizes.
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Best answer: For what it's worth, these shoes are still available on eBay. Lots of unused pairs...good luck!
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