Quiet in the midwest
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What is the quietest place a day's drive from Chicago?

Nature sounds are fine. Trains blasting their whistle or highways and people honking, not fine. No motorboats. Just quiet. Is there anywhere like this?
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See if this helps.
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Here's a higher quality version.

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Are you looking to stay overnight or just drive there and back during the day? Northern WI has some beautiful and quiet parks.
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I'd head for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For example, the Ottawa National Forest is going to be a 6-7 hour drive from Chicago, depending on exactly where you go.
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Serpent mound in Peebles, OH.
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The UP, absolutely.
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DevilsAdvocate got to it first, but I was also going to mention the Upper Peninsula - very rural and quiet in many areas - barely any highways! Slightly closer you could look at Manistee National Forest north of Grand Rapids, MI. That would be maybe a 5 hour drive from Chicago.
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Using Science!, the folks recommending the UP and northern WI is the correct answer. Taking the NPS map I linked above, and using another site to find all places within an 8 hour drive of Chicago, overlaying the two, and badly adjusting for different projections, you get the following:


All the darkest blue places are in the yoop.

If you truly meant a 24-hour drive, I can recalculate. :-)
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The UP is great, but it does stretch the meaning of a "day's drive" to its full extent (Google maps lists it as a little less than an eight hour drive , but three of those will be behind someone towing a boat). If you want to be able to do something on the day you get there, you might want to look at south central Wisconsin - places like Spring Green, Mineral Point and Dodge. Beautiful moraines from the glaciers, quiet but for the very heart of the towns and a real nice section of the Wisconsin river for tubing and kayaking. I don't think there are any motor boats. Both Governor Dodge and Tower Hill Parks are great, quiet places. And they are three hours from Chicago.
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Would less busy botanic gardens be an option? Morton Arborteum has some quiet sections.
Rockford's botanic garden or Japanese garden might be worth checking out as it's less than a 2 hour drive.

My family rents a lot of quiet simple cabins in local state parks to go fishing or just have a day out in nature (mainly in Iowa in the Quad City region about 2-4 hours from Chicago) and the park staff tends to be knowledgeable and helpful, but it would require some calling around as depending on the park the noise level with vary a lot (e.g., motor boats allowed vs not).

I'd also imagine that the Amana colonies in Iowa -- Amish colony (4 hour drive) has a quiet place to stay in the area but I don't have a personal recommendation.

If was looking, I'd probably look on vrbo or airbnb for a single family house near Madison, Geneva or another place in Wisconsin, but that's far enough from town (naybe secluded as a key word) to be quiet. I don't like a long drive for a getaway.
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Failed to preview -- Governor Dodge looks like the kind of place near Madison I was trying to think of and couldn't locate. It also has hike-in campsites.
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I just got back from Door County Wisconsin and it's a lot quieter than I expected. It's not overrun with tourist attractions and x-treme sportz like you might see in the Dells or Lake of the Ozarks.

If you go north on the peninsula to Ephraim or Sister Bay, that's only 4 hours from Chicago. Peninsula State Park is absolutely beautiful and quiet, and there's calm civilization very close by.
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Like others, not sure what your goal is, but there's a place in central Missouri (just under 7 hours from Chicago) that I've been saving for whenever I need to hole up and finish a book. It's the kind of place that has a general store and a state campsite and two b&bs and, inexplicably, a summer stock theater.

I'm sure it's not the only one of its kind; lots of towns with double digit populations exist hiding in the US. (But if that is the sort of thing you want, MeMail me for my secret hidey town.)
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As a native WI and lover of escapes to the UP (I even honeymooned there), I agree with rtimmel that driving to the UP in a day is a stretch. But if you don't mind the drive, go for it! If a 3-5 hour drive is easier, you could achieve "max quiet" in a lovely state park in south central Wisconsin. Or give the Montello, WI area a look on vrbo too - lots of small lakes off the Fox River and it shouldn't be expensive or overly crowded because it's not a tourist destination.
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Define "a day's drive". How fast are you driving? What roads? How long? Might seem like nit-picking, but it's tough to give you an answer without knowing what you mean.

Michigan's UP would be fine, but I feel like northern Minnesota would be better. And the Dakotas better yet. Heading east, check out West Virginia or eastern Ohio/northwest PA.
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When do you want to take this trip? Because I can vouch for Michigan's lakes emptying out nearly completely of people and boats right after Labor Day. I have a house on a lake there and September is awesome because it still has warm days left and you have the lake all to yourself.
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Google thinks the Boundary Waters is 9 to 10 hours away by car. It's a non motorized wilderness, so once you hike or canoe away from the entry points, it gets plenty quiet fast. It's also an amazingly beautiful place.
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Even the rural southwestern Michigan is pretty quiet, the few times I've visited. Not super nice, but very quiet.
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Pictured Rocks Nat Lakeshore in the UP is gorgeous.

Devil's Lake in WI is nice and much closer.
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Shawnee National Forest (Southern IL) has some lovely areas.
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