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My husband met Hillary Clinton in 1992 as FLOAK. He was 24, living with HIV, and she was really kind and considerate of him. He would like to send her a letter, with a few caveats. He does not want it to "go viral", or even public, but he would like to get it into her hands or the hands of someone higher up in the organization. Anyone know where I could send his letter where it might have a chance of being seen? Thanks.
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I think you mean FLOAR? I know it sounds silly, but with an active campaign running and loads of staff on hand, almost every call and letter will be at least acknowledged. You may have success placing an inquiry call or letter to:

Call us
Monday through Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm

Write us
Hillary for America
Post Office Box 5256
New York, NY 10185-5256

Communication will be very different after November--maybe more direct, but (here's hoping) it will be much more difficult to get her attention from then on.
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Peter Staley (Facebook) is a longtime AIDS activist who is doing work with the Clinton campaign. Maybe contact him.
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I've read a couple of stories lately about how well she respected the privacy of people who she helped or was in contact with. I feel confident that if you mark it "private," it will not go viral.
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