Mom's day out in San Francisco
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A new friend and I are spending Sunday without our babies in San Francisco. We are excited! But neither of us really know the city, and also we are used to doing child-centered things like going to parks or libraries or whatever, so our brains are mush. What do adults do in San Francisco besides the deYoung museum? Looking for offbeat, fun suggestions that don't totally break the bank. Thank you!
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Clarion alley in the Mission is a great thing to walk through. Heck, I'd wander the Mission and stop in any place that piques my interests. Great food down there, too.
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Definitely agree with wandering around the Mission! There are tons of fun shops to window shop at, plus lots of tasty food and coffee. Another fun walk in a different part of town is to start from Embarcadero, window shop and eat yummy things at the Ferry Building, and then walk to the top of Coit Tower (better if it's a clear day so you can get the view). If you're already at Golden Gate Park for the deYoung, the Japanese Tea Gardens are really lovely. I believe they have some free hours during the week.
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SFMOMA just reopened after a very long construction closure--go to it. And the Kubrick exhibit at the CJM is awesome.

Or, uh, you could get some cocktails. Really, pick anywhere. Maybe now's the time for some tiki? Or get out in the neighborhoods and explore the food and drink and coffee and shopping. All of those places I just linked are on one stretch of Cortland Ave. in Bernal Heights, for instance.
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I was just going to suggest Clarion Alley and the Mission! There's also a great Indian restaurant on Mission called Udupi Palace that does authentic South Indian food (and has this South Indian's stamp of approval). It's kind of a hole in the wall, and only takes cash or check, but the food is awesome. There's also Dosa if you want to go a little more high end.
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One of my favorite things to do back when I lived in the city and had a day off was to take Muni or BART to the Embarcadero, do the Ferry Building and either walk up to Hyde Street Pier or wander down to Montgomery and walk up Columbus into North Beach and Chinatown. Lots of places to stop for coffee or cocktails/wine and eat as you go.
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Oh also, what about exploring some staircases and staircase neighborhoods? The Vulcan Stairs amaze everyone I take to them. Harry Street Stairs give great views. Etc.
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Get some good beer and sit in Dolores Park. I know you said you knew about parks but sometimes it's nice to sit and just be without worrying about the kids.
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I think my perfect Sunday afternoon in the Mission would be: eating Bi Rite in Dolores Park, hanging out/getting drinks at El Rio, and a quesadilla suiza at El Farolito.

Or, go to Hot Cookie in the Castro and get a baked good shaped like a penis. Lots of lovely places for brunch/day drinking in that area as well.

On a totally different note, you could go get some delicious ramen in Japantown and then spend a few hours at Kabuki Spa. There is a movie theater down there too.
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If you really want offbeat, there's a naked parade on Sunday at noon. (Hey, you said offbeat!)

Also, Outside Lands is this weekend, so I'd stay completely away from that end of the city, at least in the morning when people are coming in.

If you don't know the city well, I'd actually suggest doing something a little more touristy, like the Ferry Building and going for a drink at Top of the Mark. Also, the Tonga Room is basically right across the street, so you could even do both. They're both up the hill from Union Square, if you're into that sort of thing.

Jim Gaffigan is playing an 8:00 PM show at the Nob Hill Masonic, which is a block down from the two bars.

If you do go that route and you're driving, parking at the Sutter-Stockton garage and walking up the hill will save you something $30.
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Thorough Bread for a nice, relaxing breakfast. Sit out back on the patio.
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