Tribeca Tailor?
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I have been tasked with finding a tailor in or very near to Tribeca in New York City. They ideally are open at 7:00am or open until 7:00pm. And this tailor can take in the waist of a pair of pants without making one of the rear pockets off center to the seam. Chinatown is fine as long as it's west of the Canal street 456/NQR station. Other Manhattan neighborhoods considered if the work is really spectacular and inexpensive.

Ideal borders of search would be south of Grand Street, west of Broadway, north of Chambers Street.

In a perfect world this tailor would also be some kind of garment magician, but we'll take "able to fix the back of these linen pants so that they're wearable." (the garment owner was told by a different tailor in a different borough that it's not her fault because she just sewed along the existing seam even after chalking lots of places all over the back of the pants.)
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Stanton Tailor Shop is just across town, is excellent, and is open till 7 PM.
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Stanton is good, but, having been there last week, I know they are backed up right now, and the wait time on suits is 6 weeks. Trousers will be quicker, but probably still a few weeks. It also doesn't open until late morning and it's not particularly inexpensive.

Alba is a couple of blocks SE of your ideal borders, but opens at 7am. I've never been there but I have a friend who gets everything tailored for work, and it's his downtown go-to.
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