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Can you recommend a specific shampoo or conditioner that will make my hair smell great? (fwiw, I am a woman in my mid-20s, and I neither work nor live with people who are sensitive to fragrances.)
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I love TiGi's "Dumb Blonde." Dumb name, smells like candy. I don't think it's strong for other people, but it smells so good in the shower.
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I have used Nexxus Humectress since the 1980s, mainly because it smells like the best coconut ever.
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The classic answer is Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, which was very popular for exactly this once upon a time. You can buy it from the Vermont Country Store, though some people claim the smell isn't the same was it was back when the shampo o was widely available and popular.
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Bumble and bumble's Creme de Coco is pretty darn delish (but subtle) (but pricey).
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I used Kevin Murphy products for a long time, garnering a steady stream of compliments about their fragrance. I use something else now for Reasons, but I totally miss the low key amazing smell of Kevin Murphy's everything I tried.
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I believe Suave Strawberry is the ne plus ultra of shampoo scents.
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The entire Aveda line.
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Kevin Murphy angel wash/rinse smell soooooo good and it's just strong enough for you and an intimate friend to smell but not enough to upset the masses.
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I was a huge fan of Origins Clear Head Mint and the mint Aveda shampoo (both pricey) for years and then I discovered Suave Professional Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner (ridiculously cheap and found almost everywhere) and have never looked back.

I know about the sodium laurel/laureth sulfates and the not-so-natural makeup of Suave products, but this line makes me not care. They have lots of other scents so you can try a bunch without spending too much money.
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Second Suave Rosemary Mint.
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Define "great" -- florals, herbals, fruity scents, candy scents, vanilla variants, woody scents, "clean" scents, spicy scents?
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then I discovered Suave Professional Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner (ridiculously cheap and found almost everywhere) and have never looked back.

This is also my go-to for good smelling hair at a decent price.
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I used to use Burt's Bees Honey shampoo (and got scent-related compliments) but I think it has been discontinued. I believe they still sell a version of it with their "baby bee" infant/baby soap products but I haven't looked in awhile.
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I use Suave Rosemary Mint for conditioner, and love it, like the rest of ya'll, apparently.

I use Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and ohmylanta I think it smells so good. Not overly sweet or floral, but so rich with a zing of lemon. I feel like I'm writing ad copy for them, but I'm definitely a fangirl.
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I use Lush Daddy-O shampoo and regularly get compliments on it. I only wash twice a week and yet it still smells good all the way between washes. It smells better on hair than it does in the bottle, as a heads-up.
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Bain de Terre Green Meadow smells luscious!
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Lush's Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner is actually highly perfumed with a floral, citrus-y scent because the creators wanted the scent to follow you all day (and I find it lasts for multiple days, even). It's a super lightweight conditioner, though, so if you need something heavier, I recommend Lush's American Cream conditioner (strawberries and vanilla...mmmmm). You also can't go wrong with any of their shampoos, but I find myself picking up the scent of my conditioners more.

But really, as you can see with the answers so far, you could really just walk into a lush and let your nose decide!
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Acure Organics shampoos are amazing and super affordable. I use the one for dry hair and it makes me smell like an almond Danish which has had a very positive impact on anyone I walk by. But hands down, the most favored hair product I use is "It's a 10" leave in conditioner. Every time I use it people stop to ask me about why I smell so good. 10/10, very good for the soul (and my hair, too). Everything is sulfate and paraben free as well as cruelty free.

(My all time fav is the original Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner that comes in a pink bottle, but it destroys my complexion so I can't use it anymore. It smells so, so good!!!!!)
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Omg seconding Lush's American Cream conditioner. It smells SO GOOD! Also, for a totally different scent, I love their Karma solid shampoo.
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I use a combo of both Suave Ocean Breeze and some kind of Argan Shampoo/Conditioner. As long as the Argan Oil is prominent and potent, it doesn't matter what brand it is. I find the combo makes me smell like a floral ocean breeze with a nice, nutty warmth.
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I think the Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo and conditioner smell really good. They smell like fancy salon products to me. I think they're a bit expensive for a drugstore brand, but I know that in my area, they're often buy-one-get-one-free.
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I use Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. I bought a small sample size to try the "ultra repair" part (which is doing pretty well so far) but went back for a full size one recently because I'm kind of hooked on the nice coconut smell.
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I guess you could try Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific
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I love nice-smelling haircare and I love this thread; thank you for asking this question!

SheaMoisture's Peace Rose Oil is my current favorite. So, so good. It's also free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, etc. if that's a concern for you.

I really liked the smell of Grow Gorgeous - it's hard to describe but smells expensive. Unfortunately, it also is expensive.

Aveda's stuff always smells great but doesn't quite work with my hair. Burt's Bees Baby Bee line has been one of my favorite scents for nearly twenty years, but it doesn't linger in my hair (probably because I have to use conditioner and they don't make one). But I second them both on the basis of scent.
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Moroccanoil masks smell amaaaazing and also make my hair super soft.
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I love this question too! Good smelling hair is my favorite thing, and for more than 10 years my go-to has been AG Hair Care, which is available at ULTA. It is pricey, but I buy the big bottle of shampoo and conditioner and they usually last about a year. As a bonus, they thicken my thin, pin straight hair.

Does anyone other than me remember Revlon Outrageous? I used it in college in the early 90s, it was my first foray into having great smelling hair, and when it was discontinued I searched for several years for a replacement before finding AG's line.
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I use a plain smelling shampoo / conditioner and then spritz my favorite signature perfume in my hair. One spritz, administered from far enough away so it's just a soup├žon of scent.
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If you can get a hold of Japanese shampoo somehow, maybe at a store nearby, Ichikami smells divine. Most of them smell very good.
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Oh you need to try Oribe shampoo and conditioners. While pricey, they are heavenly. People love the scent so much that they sell the fragrance separately as well.
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I use this Lush honey shampoo bar and it makes the whole bathroom smell amazing.
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Outrageous smelled amazing.

My favorite hair product fragrance is KMS Color Vitality, it's "lilac ginger", which smells just amazing. Seriously, go find a bottle and sniff it. I would wear perfume that smelled like this shampoo.
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