Your favourite well-curated Spotify playlists?
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I'm back in a music phase, and I like to use smart Spotify playlists as a point of discovery. Aquarium Drunkard is an example of a list I listen to regularly, and really enjoy. Can you recommend some others to me?

My criteria:

1) Must be Spotify playlists or people to follow who release regular Spotify playlists (No other formats, please. I'm not organised enough to use more than one app.)

2) Should be updated at least semi-regularly.

3) Genre is unimportant. I'm happy with Riot Grrl, Elephant 6, Odd Future, summer pop, 50s girl groups, whatever. I'm a *really* eclectic listener.

4) Bonus points if it introduces me to music being produced today.
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Every time he makes a new mix, I get stoked.

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i love lush + atmospheric
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The commenting community from the great music website Stereogum have a collaborative playlist updated every Friday (for the Album of the Week post.) It's all over the place with regards to genre but the majority of it is new and good. I find a lot of great new music there.

NPR Music's Lars Gotrich shares his favorite new music, updated weekly.

Also there's my blog/playlists :D
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Music For Ants is my go-to source for inspiration and discovery. He maintains and regularly updates a best-of list for the year, and compiles quarterly seasonal mixes.
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The Rap Caviar playlist is curated by Spotify but it keeps me update with current popular rap music. It's updated weekly and keeps the new stuff near the top. It's a really good resource in case you want to go to a club and actually recognize the music.
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Today, they just started a new thing called Release Radar. It is similar to Discover Weekly, but from only new releases.
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