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DC Wedding (filter): I'm getting married in Washington, DC in seven weeks. We'd like to have a friend officiate, but District law regarding this is, of course, awkwardly complex. Our friend has now been ordained in the Universal Life Church, but we also need a ULC member who is already licensed by DC to perform marriages to vouch for him. Do you know any such wonderful people that could hope us?
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I was in exactly the same situation. I had to get re-ordained by World Christianship Ministries in order to find an "endorser." It's free and online, but, unlike ULC, you do actually have to affirm that you're a christian. Then I went through all the registration stuff, and I'm now legit.

Do that, and I'll endorse you. I'm in DC, and metro accessible!
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Upon re-reading, I mean, of course, I'll be your friend's endorser. I just need the paperwork--my endorser and I never met, and handled everything through the mail.
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Maryland is much simpler. ULC should be fine without an endorser in MD. Have your big ceremony in DC, but have a second very fast ceremony in MD afterward. It can be a fun private moment for the bride and groom, and a small wedding party. If I remember correctly MD had a 48hr waiting period after getting the marriage license.
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That's a bizarre system. I've done weddings in several states, and never had to deal with that kind of rigamarole. Delaware has a voluntary program where you register, but the southern states I've had to deal with don't. I was going to offer my help but glad to see this worked out so quickly!
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OH, in Virginia, you can get married in about 30 minutes, start to finish. Go to the Arlington County Courthouse, get a license, then walk across the street to an officiant. That's more-or-less what we did. Than you can have a ceremony with whoever you please as the minister.
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I'll add, too, that our small, private ceremony was quite nice. I didn't have an institutional feel or anything, and the officiant gave a very nice, non-religious ceremony.
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[marginally on-topic] DC has some odd marriage laws. In addition to the officiant registration requirement, they also require that the couple get tested for syphilis.
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