Trying to find a job in Lancaster PA... from a distance.
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I'm moving to Lancaster, PA this fall. I have a strong interest in design, science, and the arts. And I need a job.

Does anyone here know the city? I'd love to hear about smallish organizations/companies that don't necessarily have a big online presence. I've been working on tapping my alumni networks, but it's a small enough city that the numbers aren't really there.

My background is in science (a PhD) and the arts (I'm effectively the second-in-command at an ambitious new arts program). I have collaboration, communication, problem-solving, development, and technical expertise, and I'm open-minded about the specifics of a job — non-profits, design firms, or start-ups all interest me at this point.

I'll be visiting Lancaster again next week. Any tips on how to go about pounding the pavement would be greatly appreciated!
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Lancaster Science Factory maybe? An old friend of mine works there.
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Do you or your contacts know anyone at Franklin & Marshall College?
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Caveat: I grew up in Lancaster, but haven't lived there in a decade, so I don't know who's hiring or what the current labor market is like.

I don't know what kind of science your PhD is in, but Lancaster Labs prides itself on being a good place to work.

I might also check out The Trust Performing Arts Venue; they may be a decent place to start networking for arts-related jobs even if they aren't hiring. (My memory of Lancaster is that it doesn't have a huge, booming arts scene, but it has hopefully improved since I left.)

There's also RockLititz, a huge rehearsal space for bands and musicians like Katy Perry and Elton John. If you're interested in sound production at all, there's a lot of companies around doing that kind of work.
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Have you seen this listing of Lancaster's arts and culture venues?
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