Looking for GREAT online examples of teaching statements & philosophies
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I'd like to update a stale resume. Have you come across any inspiring examples of online teaching statements and philosophies at the university level? Thank you!

Some further info: This will be for a technical-ish area, although not focused on technical topics as such. I'll likely be mixing discussions of: undergrad/masters; hands-on projects/designing; f2f/online/hybrid classes; broad audiences; student engagement; etc.
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Not sure that these are what you are looking for, but....

Every institution has to have a Mission Statement these days, including colleges and universities. Bowdoin College (my alma mater) points to The Offer Of The College which antedates the phrase "mission statement". (The adaptations referred to are changes in pronoun that were made when the College went co-ed.)

At Williams College, there is a different historical trope:

An epigram - widely attributed to President James A. Garfield, a student of [Mark] Hopkins - defined an ideal college as "Mark Hopkins on one end of a log and a student on the other". (Wikipedia) Mark Hopkins was president of Williams College from 1836 to 1872.
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Best answer: My experience has been that most people don't post these online, but rather keep them as part of their application/tenure/promotion file (and update as needed). So, in addition to looking online, I would suggest asking colleagues who you know to be good teachers (and/or friends who have recently gotten jobs/promotions like the ones you are trying to get) if they would be willing to share. I personally have been happy to share my teaching statement and similar materials with friends in my field, and I do not think it is a weird thing to ask (as long as you're not, like, cold-calling people you don't really know). You also might check out tips from The Professor Is In - I found her website to be pretty useful when I was on the market, although she is not an uncontroversial figure.

Also, small note, but at least if you are in U.S. academia, you should be searching for information on a C.V., not a resume. And a teaching statement is a totally separate document that some places will ask for and others will not. If you are coming at this as an adjunct, totally understandable to not know all the terminology, but I would set up a coffee date with someone who has a job like what you are looking for just to get clear on all the moving parts. (Apologies if you're in another country, just the U.S. system is the one I know best. My understanding is that the norms can vary quite a bit by country, so you should consult someone who knows your particular system.)
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Best answer: There are some examples of material for a teaching portfolio, including teaching philosophies, at the OSU Center for Academic Teaching.
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