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Years ago, I had a glorious weekend with my best friend where we just hung out and did Weffriddles all weekend long. (Also wore togas, but that is not important.) Where can I find more/the best like this so I can do them with people!

I liked it being browser based and a puzzle with images, editing, pop culture, all that sort of jazz. I want it to be fun and challenging for some smart people, but please warn me if it's the HARDEST THING EVER. So I can have the alcohol ready. Thank you! I hope my girlfriend doesn't want to murder me after a day of this...
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Best answer: Ooh, I love these. The most famous example that leaps to mind is notpron, but back in the day there were a ton of these. It seems the art form has died out somewhat but the way I scratch the itch these days is with The Black Watchmen. It's not free, but the puzzles are high-quality and very much in the vein of this kind of thing, and there's a neat storyline.
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Best answer: Here's some more!
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Best answer: And here is a forum full of people who have identified a seemingly endless parade of online riddles.
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Response by poster: Thank you! In return, I recommend you look up puzzled pint if you live in a city. It's so fun with a group! Going to try all these out and probably splurge on the premium ones!
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The Impossible Quiz is pretty fun to do too. It's flash based. It's fun to play by yourself or with another person.

You have to "think outside the box" so to speak.
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