Why is iTunes being so stupid? Or is it me?
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I'm trying to copy large amounts of files from iTunes to a flash drive. My OS is Windows 10. For some reason it's only letting me copy about 50 at a time. WHY

I distinctly remember being able to copy huge swaths of files without any complaint, but now if I try to copy files past some unspecified tipping point nothing happens. I'm not even dignified with an error message. Complicating factor: I am using the "smart playlist" feature to generate the list of songs to copy. I've discovered that it doesn't seem to have any problem with 50 songs, but any higher than that and it's unclear what will happen.
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Did you limit your smart playlist to 50 songs?
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 9:26 PM on August 1, 2016

Response by poster: No.
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Best answer: Hey, I figured it out! I had some songs in the library that had gotten deleted and couldn't be located by iTunes, and that was preventing the file transfer. So I was able to get rid of those missing songs in a typically convoluted way: I made "playlist1", dragged the entire music library to that playlist, then made a smart playlist excluding songs that weren't on "playlist1." Yay!
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