Looking for plans of Highclere Castle
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Where can I find detailed floor plans (and/or architectural drawings) of Highclere Castle (which plays Downton Abbey on TV)? I've already spent a fair amount of time on Google, but I've only found a few blurry bits and bobs. (I'd like to create a video game level closely based on the real castle.)

My ideal would be a matched set of plans for each floor, to scale. But such a thing doesn't seem to exist online, so I might have to resort to books. Anyone know where I might start?

Here's what I've been able to scrape up so far:

Basement: Downton Abbey version

Ground floor: real floor plan; Downton Abbey version; more detailed drawings (with measurements) of the real dining room, library, and music room

First floor (or second floor, in American parlance): Downton Abbey version

Real plan of an unknown level (possibly the second floor?), with illegible labels

Exploded view of the Downton Abbey version

Blurry architectural drawing of an unknown portion (I can't figure out which part of the building this depicts)
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Some interesting drawings of external views and design details here.

Basement, ground floor, and first floor plans here. (From some newspaper article that could be tracked down with little work probably; appears to be of the Downton Abbey version?)
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Looks like the one ground floor plan (found here, for example) comes from The Victorian Country House by Mark Girouard (amazon, google books, rare bookstore). But it is unclear whether that book will have plans for more of the floors or not. Looks like you could order it used from Amazon for just a few bucks and find out . . .

Also, the Highclere Castle web site has a pretty nice overall site/grounds plan.
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This rendering of the 2nd floor may be just a titch higher-resolution than the one you link. (BTW one trick is to use tineye.com to reverse search for images you have already found. Often you can find better quality versions of those images and also, often, interesting related images.)
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Yep, I've made ample use of TinEye.

I ordered a hardcover copy of that Mark Girouard book, too.
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You'll have to contact the producers of the TV show and get their permission if your game will refer to the fictional Downton Abbey. In that case, they ought to have the plans you need.
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Nope: "I'd like to create a video game level closely based on the real castle."
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Then you need to contact the castle. I live about 20 miles from it BTW.
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In case someone comes across this post in the future:

I got my copy of The Victorian Country House in the mail yesterday. Unfortunately, it only includes the ground floor plan.

I also contacted the castle on Facebook. The person who responded said that, to their knowledge, the floor plans have never been published publicly.
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