Creating a Reading Area: Chair and Lamp
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Hey HiveMind! I’m trying to get my reading groove on and I am trying to track down a chair and a lamp. I am looking to find a comfortable Mid Century Modern chair. I like this one from IKEA- but of course it has been discontinued. I hate the Poang Ikea chair- so let's not even go there.

Someone on Metafilter said that I could create a Google Craigslist alert, but I could not get the alert to work. Any ideas on how to do that? And find a chair like this one that is no more than $250?

I also found this one at World Market, but it was not too comfort because my feet did not touch the floor- very weird (I’m 5’2).

Lastly, I am looking for a lamp like this- brass, floor length reading lamp, vintage inspired, the light is reminiscent of a clam or shell. My grandmother had one and I love the nostalgia of it!

- Ekenäset Ikea chair.
- World Market Chair.
- Lamp similar to this but floor lamp , so stands higher for reading
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The Strandmon from Ikea looks reasonably similar to the Ekanaset.
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Chair 1
Chair with footrest
Probably want to reupholster this one
Chair 3
Chair 4

Lamp (this is just one, there are lots of options listed)
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Maybe I wrote the IKEA chair name incorrectly. It is not the first chair in the picture but the gray one. thanks!
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Butterfly chair.

Impeccable mid-century modern credentials. Designed in 1938 by fashion-forward Argentinian architects who'd met through Le Corbusier. MoMA's curator bought one for its permanent collection, and one for his dad, who kept it in Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house.

Grab a book, drop your ass into its depths, and you're set for hours. Super-comfortable for curling up or sprawling. (If you prefer a more traditional posture, consider a footstool.) The chair isn't physically difficult to get out of, exactly, but it takes so much willpower to overcome its default setting that the easiest, most congenial thing to do is to stay there and keep reading or working on the only things within reach. Even if that means grading papers.

Butterfly frames and covers are available at a wide variety of price points. If you would like to try matching your brass lamp, Urban Outfitters sells a gold powder-coated frame for $39. Black is more traditional, though.
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Use IFTTT (If This Then That) for a Craigslist alert.

My city has stores with refurbished mid-century modern furniture, some of which would be in your price range. Maybe your city does, too.
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