Is it weird to get underwear altered/taken in?
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If so, is there a way to cut down on any weirdness? Snowflakes inside.

A friend and I have a tradition where whenever we go travelling somewhere, we each buy a pair of underwear. (As an everyday reminder of a special experience! ... Never mind.) Recently I came back from an awesome trip with some boxers that fit me in the waist, but are too baggy in the legs and in back (on account of my chicken legs).

I'd like to get these altered, but I can't help feeling this might raise some eyebrows at a tailor/clothes altering place. Is this justified? On one hand, I figure people must get all kinds of stuff taken in. On the other, it does seem a touch too intimate (e.g., if the tailor has to measure how much to take them in?).

Normally I'd probably just let them go, but I'd really like to keep this memento of one of my all-time favourite travel experiences. And to be fair, it's a pretty sweet pair of boxers.
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Just keep them always as a reminder of how proudly weird you are.
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Let your freak flag fly, man.
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As it would happen, I have also been in this situation.

My brother and I got matching boxers on a road trip many many years ago. Step one in alterations was sewing up the open fly because I don't have a penis. (Mom took care of that one for me.)

There are a variety of reasons why these were not underpants grade boxers for me or my brother (far too baggy being the biggest one), but they were great for hanging around the house in. (My brother had a growth spurt and the boxers became less good for him when they started sitting so short on him that he was constantly showing off the boys. My dad made him retire them for public viewing.) But mine were still fine. They were also great for hanging around the dorm in a few years later when I left for college. Until the elastic finally failed. At which point I sewed a tuck into the waistband and soldiered on.

I finally got rid of them a couple years ago. They put in many years of good service. I think my brother's pair may still be sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Anyway. I guess what I'm saying is, do what you need to do to make the pants work for you.
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Best answer: It is weird only if your definition of weird is "most people wouldn't do it." But nowadays, most people don't get anything tailored - ready to wear is so prevalent, the cost of alterations can be prohibitive depending on where you live, plus most people don't care about fit (sigh). Plus 50 years ago a large percentage of women could - and did - do basic alterations, and this sort of thing would absolutely have been handled at home.

So I think it's fine to recalibrate your sense of weird and have them taken in. Your tailor will be happy to get the extra work.
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Best answer: If you want to sidestep the measuring thing, bring in a pair of boxers that fit well and ask to have the new ones tailored to match.

I agree most tailors would be happy for the work.
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I know that getting a bathing suit altered is not unheard of, since ladies have to deal with all sorts of boob size/band size/shoulder variations and bathing suits don't come in all those sizes. So, I'd say yes, go for it. I second the notion of bringing another pair that fits more like you prefer so they can take their measurements from that.
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I expect you would wear a pair of underwear under the boxers while they are being measured.

Otherwise, feel free to explain that "as silly as this may sound, they have sentimental value" and move forward. Most small business owners won't turn their nose up at a sale.
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If they are clean & unstained & you wear another pair of pants under them for any trying on & measuring I don't imagine anyone that does alterations will care. It will not be the weirdest thing they've seen. Most of them have survived bride & grooms at their worst -zilla moments, and pubescent girls stressing out over prom dresses, a nice polite person wanting some boxers altered would be a welcome relief.
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You could always tell the tailor that the boxers were part of a costume if it made you feel less awkward. A little white lie that hurts no one.
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You are a customer with an atypical but otherwise insignificant request. The tailor may find it unusual, but is not going to mock you or anything. As weirdness goes, this is really minor.
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Would it be more or less weird for you to have a friend do it? Boxers shouldn't require a lot of precision, if you know anyone comfortable with a sewing machine. I don't normally sew for others (that's just asking to open a can of worms) but I would laugh at this request and charge you a beer.
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A tailor is a professional. As long as the clothes are clean and not smelly, it's not really their business what items their clients want altered or why. I get all kinds of strange-to-me requests from my clients, but it's nothing to me as long as the customer is happy and my company gets paid for it.
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