How can we screen share iPhone apps?
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Hi there! My boyfriend and I would like to be able to do the NYTimes crossword puzzle together, even though we are in different cities. He already has the app, so we are looking for a free way to share or mirror screens on our iPhones.

My research so far has turned up lots of options to share iPhone screens with a computer or to sync iPhone to iPhone, but only for web browsing, documents, or photos. I feel like there must be a simple solution or search term I'm missing here. Thanks for any suggestions!
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I don't think screen sharing for an arbitrary app is possible in current non-unlocked iOS via anything other than AirPlay screen mirroring. But (and this is a little convoluted) he could install Reflector on a computer, AirPlay screen mirror to Reflector, load up Skype or Google Hangout on that computer, screen share the Reflector window, which you should be able to see on the Skype or Hangout iOS app.
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Does he have access to the crossword on his computer and is he willing to do it there? Skype screensharing works a treat for stuff like this.
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If you have a reasonably-new Mac, you can mirror the iPhone onto the Mac screen with Quicktime and use any normal screen-sharing software there. There isn't an obvious solution that you are missing; smartphones are heavily closed off systems.
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I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but it occurred to me that there has to be a simpler way of doing this, so I looked for one.

I have never tried this app, so I can't vouch for it, but it sounds quite clever, and if it works well, I think it would solve your problem:

Conspire app
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(probably should have described it more. Based on the app description, it sounds like you can digitize a paper crossword with via your iPhone's camera, then invite friends to work on the crossword with you remotely)
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Similar to Salvor, I was going to suggest that he take screen shots and message them you. You can talk on speaker phone while you're reviewing the image?
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