How can match the wallpaper in my kitchen?
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How can match the wallpaper in my kitchen?

I'd like to find the same pattern of wallpaper that's in my kitchen to repair a small spot. If I go to the Home Depot or other home improvement store and they don't have the pattern I want, can they order it? I've checked for a match online but have had no luck finding anything.

I don't have a sample of the pattern (it was already here when I moved in) so I guess I'll need to take a picture of it and bring it to the store, if that's how it works. Apologies if this sounds inane but I've never had to deal with wallpaper before.
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If you can't find it, why not take a small piece from behind the stove or fridge and transplant it?
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Even the biggest wallpaper manufacturers change out their whole catalog every few years. You're just not going to find a match, except in the rarest of cases (something by a famous designer, for instance). The traditional method is indeed to move a bit from a less-visible location, or to find some other way to obscure the marred portion (add a receptacle, a shelf, etc.).

I've also known someone who repainted scars in some really interesting 19th-century wallpaper, but he was an art professor.
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