More Doom please
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I recently discovered Dangerdoom and love it. What else should I listen to?

I know MF Doom has had some different incarnations and am wondering which of his albums would sound similar to Dangerdoom. Would also like some recommendations for Talib Kwali tracks too, after hearing his track on the album.
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My favorite album of all time MADVILLAINY, by Madvillain.

MM FOOD is also fantastic.
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Seconding both of those (I also highly recommend Operation Doomsday). Of the producers DOOM has worked with heavily, Madlib is probably, sound-wise, the closest to Dangermouse.

Kweli's career has had a few distinct eras. Black Star and Train of Thought are the backpack high points, but, if you prefer something a little more commercial, you might just start with Quality (or, if it turns out you really love Madlib, check out Liberation).
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DOOM's Special Herbs albums are fantastic instrumentals - many of which are utilized on later albums with DOOM spittin' rhymes over them. Agreed, that MM..FOOD is excellent as well.

Seconding that you should look into to an exploration of the Madlib universe (start with Madvillain and Quasimoto personas).

Run the Jewels is my current hip-hop obsession and is definitely in a similar vein. Check out early El-P albums for a little more lofi/scifi that is somewhat similar to Madvillain.

(By the way, Madlib + DOOM = Madvillain).
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Quite Buttery by Count Bass D feat. MF Doom. While you're at it, check that whole Bass D album, it's amazing.
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The album that Danger Doom did for the Cartoon Network, 'The Mouse and the Mask', is pretty great. For something with a darker edge, go for his Viktor Vaughn incarnation with 'Venomous Villain'. And then of course there is finally the emergence of his collab with Ghostface, in the form of DOOMSTARKS.
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