Help Desk Software Where Jobs Aren't Assigned to Responders
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Seeking help desk software that allows jobs to NOT be 'owned' by/assigned to responding staff.

Looking for recommendations for help desk software – hosted elsewhere or self-hosted, open source or commercial – that would be used by a six-office law firm with approximately 300 employees, probably by at least 5-7 IT staff to start with and expanding to other departments as our needs grow.

However, the one issue we've found is that we need software that allows tasks NOT to be assigned to respondents. In other words, if Joe Tech replies to a ticket, we need that ticket to not be automatically assigned to him. We want Jane Tech and Tom Tech and Chris Tech to feel free to respond.

The ability to mark a job as briefly "on hold", with an automatic expiration, would be ideal to avoid duplicated work, i.e., Joe Tech replies to a ticket and marks the ticket on hold for an hour; an hour later, the hold expires and it becomes 'open' again.

The software needs to be able to receive jobs via e-mail (as our full staff wouldn't input tickets via web). Some "rules" abilities would be ideal. Our offices are located in different time zones and different people leave at different times, so managing that availability would be useful too, i.e., if no one in Eastern is there, queue alerts swings over to Central help desk staff. Being able to look at the help desk queue via iPhone and/or Android apps would be ideal, with a mobile web interface a possible backup.
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Freshdesk/Freshservice allow for agents to reply to tickets without the tickets being assigned to them. By default an unassigned ticket will be assigned to the first agent who responds, but it's easily configurable.

The company I work for started using their service a few months back. It's not perfect (nothing is) but it works fairly well for us.
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Zendesk definitely allows for agents to reply to tickets without it being assigned to them. Tickets can be assigned to a group.

Zendesk has an on hold feature, but I think it's different from what you want. You can set up automations that will probably do what you want.

Ticket adding/updating/etc can be done via email. You can assign tickets based on different office schedules.
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Service Desk Plus can do everything that you are asking.
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JIRA allows configurable workflows that can do everything that you've asked for here, and I'd imagine that most ticket managers with any amount of configurability can as well.
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Our RequestTracker install doesn't autoassign tickets to first responders -- you have to actually take the ticket by clicking on a button.

Criteria met:
* Open Source, battle tested for like two decades
* Multiuser
* Ticket Ownership is optional
* Reminders scheduled, but I'm not sure stalling a ticket for an hour and setting a reminder to reopen it is really a good idea.
* email gateway, as well as customer web interface
* Perl-like Scrips for automation into various steps of ticket flow
* pretty good mobile web interface

Criteria not met:
* notification / ticket routing schedules (but you might be able to hack in support with scrips)
* mobile app
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I use ConnectWise at work and love it, if you're looking at managing hardware assets and remote connections, look at the LabTech and ScreenConnect products that they also sell.
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