Longshot: Spoon in a haystack
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I got this spoon 20 years ago in Japan. I would like to find more. The back is stamped "Afternoon Tea".

Which is probably not a good company name given the current technology of search engines. But of course back then who knew... or maybe the company has even gone OOB. Not to mention 20 years is a heck of a long time. Something very similar could also do the trick.

spoon front
spoon back
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What do you like about this spoon? If it's the swizzle technology, you'll find that in your average workaday bar spoon.
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People collect tea spoons. My mom has a special rack (like this) for holding tea spoons which she has collected from all the countries we have visited and states, too. They often are twisted like yours or decorated along the length of the spoon and either have a decorative bowl and a decorative end or both.
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What size is it? The twisted handle makes me think it's a bar spoon, but the bowl is pretty big for that use.
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If it helps, Afternoon Tea is a popular home goods and cafe chain. It's not like Oneida - they have very quick product turnover. This makes me think your chances are slim, but I love to see AskMeFi miracles, so here's hoping that you get one!
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Looking on ebay, there are a lot of results that may fit your requirements. Play around with keywords for awhile!
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Afternoon Tea is definitely still around but they aren't the type of place I'd think would be making/carrying the same goods after 20 years. Your best bet for something like this would be Yahoo Auctions which I think takes the place of eBay in Japan.
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Response by poster: To answer the question earlier, the spoon is 5 inches long and the bowl of it is 1 inch diameter.

Going now to check out these links -- thanks so far and keep the beautiful brainstorming coming!
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