Help me buy a winter coat before boxing week ends!
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Help me buy a winter coat before boxing week ends!

Are winter coats supposed to be rated for how many degrees below zero they are good for? Because maybe 2 coats may look like they would be equally warm, but only one of them may be the real thing...
- Im not crazy about getting feathers stuck to me, so I would consider that alternative to down that i cant remember the name of. also looking for
- drawstrings and velcros to keep openings shut
- removable hood
- removable liner
- windproof outer layer
- preferably plain black with no obnoxious logos, outdoor sport style

anything im missing here? seen any sweet coats / deals around? (im in ontario canada)
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Not all black, but I absolutely love my Tuckermans jacket from LL Bean. Best winter coat I have had.
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in Toronto, check out Mountain Equipment Coop for their selection of outdoor-sport-style warm coats. There's also online shopping at and their return policy is excellent.

L L Bean is of course excellent as well
posted by seawallrunner at 7:21 PM on December 29, 2005 for deals, for good stuff, if you'd rather less sporty. dunno how friendly they all are to canucks.
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I like the Misty Mountain coat I got from The Bay. Waterproof, windproof, inner liner zips out, hood unsnaps, drawstring, etc. Mine is black with a bit of white around the edges. Available in men's and women's, including plus sizes. I got it for $84.99 as a Bay Powerbuy. I think you can also get it at Mark's Work Warehouse.
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The stuff that isn't down is some sort of fiberfill. Thinsulate is one of several brands. There are variations in quality/price. I have an LLBean parka that isn't very bulky, but the fiberfill is so good that it's very warm. I didn't wear it today, and I can't remember the variety. If you call LLBean, they'll spend as much time with you as you need.

A goretex shell will keep you dry, while allowing moisture out. I'm a fan of the combination jackets with a zipout fleece liner, although I don't currently have one.

Disclaimer: I live in Maine, have worked for LLBean and shop at their outlet frequently.
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The Kanuk post-Xmas sale is still on for two days, and they do rate their coats for temperature.

Not cheap, but their coats are locally made and virtually indestructible.
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