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How is this street performer in downtown Asheville just sitting there, balancing his bike on the front wheel?
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Did you see this personally and take the photo? I can imagine a gimmicked bike where a fake front wheel has a spike and slides into a pre-drilled hole.
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I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lead weight attached to the front of the bike, and then the teddy bear was slipped over it.

Am I sure that this would be enough weight for the balancing effect? Not really. It's just my first idea.
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Best answer: Here's the hole in the ground.
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This has been driving me nuts! What is the 'hole in the ground' link referring to? I can't see anything there that relates to the image in the OP...
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The "bike" is a sculpture with a fake front wheel which is anchored by means of a pole that goes into the ground as sammyo surmised. That's just conformation that yes there really is a hole there.
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Off topic but if I ever go treasure hunting I'm taking JoeZydeco along, great find!
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Yeah, sorry for not saying "I believe sammyo...and I found the hole that backs up the idea." I was too excited that I found the exact place.
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I just saw this guy tonight! Going to go find the hole tomorrow morning and confirm its existence. Guy was raking in the tips though.
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Now that the mystery is solved, I'm wondering just what his "performance" is. Does he just sit there, and people throw money in his bucket for being somewhat clever by creating the mechanism, or does he do "tricks" or tell jokes, or what?

I guess those "I'm a statue" people make money by just standing there as well, but just sitting on your mounted bike seems kind of like cheating.
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When you put money into his basket he does a little (kinda creepy, frankly) sly smile and honks his horn or rings his bell. When I was there, there were some kids hassling him and as they walked away he made a gesture at them- well, more a flipping of the hand but not the full Gesture. I found him entertaining for about 20 seconds, took some pics, dropped a bill into his basket and got honked at.

The real attraction at that corner the night I was there was The Fly By Night Rounders with Abby the Spoon Lady. They are just wonderful! So bike dude has a great spot- people are drawn over by the music and then see him, are amused for 20 seconds, and then go back to listening to the music.
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