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Let's say I'm a daily marijuana user. If I wanted a urine test to indicate that I'm only a 2-3 times a week user (basically get the levels down by about half) how long would I need to cut down to 2-3 times a week before the test reflected this level?

If I am have misapprehended something about the way the tests work, please let me know.
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Most of these tests are looking for values over a certain level and take the form of a positive or negative result - "yes or no" - vs a "level of use."
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The urine test will tell the tester how much metabolized THC is in your urine. It will not tell them how often you smoke. If you have tested positive, it might be because you are a light smoker and had a joint yesterday, or a heavy smoker and your last joint was two weeks ago. It only tells them how much metabolized THC is in your system. If you have more in your system than the threshold for "fail", the test comes back "fail".
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Yeah tests don't really work like that.

They are just looking for the presence of specific metabolites that indicate Delta 9-THC in a persons system. Since different people process things at different rates (dependent on a lot of factors) and that THC levels can vary between different strains of marijuana trying to link the levels in a persons system to usage really isn't possible.
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Nobody knows. People metabolize and excrete THC at different rates. Different strains and delivery systems for marijuana deliver different amounts of THC. Different urine samples taken from the same person at different times will have different concentrations of THC in them. Sensitivity and accuracy of tests varies quite a bit, and they aren't even designed to test usage frequency. This question is unanswerable.
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