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My bedroom is roughly 12' x 10', pictured here. There are only 2 50W bullet lights, kind of like these and pictured as circles on the diagram, and there is no electrical box in the ceiling and no way to install anything else (rental, thick concrete walls and ceilings, asbestos). It is dim AF. Please help.

I have a Magnarp floor lamp next to my bed which is nice for ambiance. The vast majority of time, dim mood lighting is fine. But occasionally I'd like actual light to clean or read or do projects, and these 50W bullets aren't cutting it. All the wall sconces I've seen are pretty ugly. Cords are right out, so I want something that will fit into the current electrical boxes.

Suggestions? My bedroom is minimalist and Asian, so I don't want to replace the Magnarp with some industrial 3-light jobbie. The current bullet sconces are, at least, unobtrusive.

Lighting designers of MeFi, I thank you!
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Response by poster: Just one more thing:
To give an idea of the aesthetic, this is my bed (right down to the white duvet). The only other furniture is a long MCM dresser painted a Chinese orange/red.
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Get LED bulbs in the same size/mount(this chart will tell you what connector you need) as your current bulbs. You can get several hundred more lumens if you use LEDs, and they require very little wattage. No crazy installation needed,either. Just pop the other bulbs out and the LEDs in.
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Response by poster: Sorry; won't threadsit. I have LED bulbs in the current bullets, which are rated for 50 watts. I think it's more a question of where the lamps are placed ... they only aim out so far.
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No specific product recommendations, but I would look for a multi head floor lamp. That would allow you to direct light. I'd look for one that has variable settings (e.g. 1, 3 to or 5 lights on).
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One or two high-powered torchieres that bounce light off the ceiling are a good way to go. The cords stay on the floor, and you get broad, indirect lighting without ever being blinded by the glare of a direct light of sight to the bulb.
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Here's a well-reviewed LED version, if you can stand the styling.
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...I'd like actual light to clean or read or do projects,

It's worth mentioning that for some sorts of projects, a task light (i.e. a reading lamp, desk lamp, Ott-style crafting light or those articulated lamps that get attached to drawing boards and workbenches) that sits close to your work area and can be directed where you want it will be a necessary complement to whatever you're using for general lighting.
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Response by poster: Last post, I promise: The aesthetics are the biggest consideration. I'll look at sconces, task lights or torchieres ... but products that fit in with the way I want my bedroom to look are the only things I'm looking for. Thank you!
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I think lighted crown molding and baseboards could work for you .
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We are doing something similar to this in our bedroom; we just bought a house and have not moved into it yet so I can't share actual pics. We have a zen, modernist aesthetic and this sort of look fits right in with what we're after - movable task lighting that is an integral part of the room's design. I am using round balls that are half brass and half white glass to hang from my cords. You might like something more lantern-like or asian. Also consider putting a great table lamp on the dresser with lighting you can train wherever you need it.
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Could replacing the bullet lights with some cable lights work? You could run the cables near the ceiling, but feed them from the wall boxes where the bullet fixtures are?
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