Buying tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago
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I have a particular date in mind that I would like to see Hamilton in Chicago. Of course the tickets are all sold out. There are tickets available at Stub Hub and other places. Is it safe to use these services?

What's weirding me out is every place I've looked is saying that they won't send the tickets until 1 to 4 weeks prior to the show I want to see. So pay now, receive the tickets well in the future. I have used Stub Hub and other services before but never for anything so far away. Is that just normal when you are buying scalped tickets six-ish months out? Is it a scam? Will they cancel on me if they can get a better price as the date gets closer? What's the deal??
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Stub hub is owned by eBay.

I bought resale through ticketmaster last October for a show last march.
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StubHub is generally safe.
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I've used Seat Geek many, many times without any issues. I generally only buy seats that can be transferred electronically, and not paper tickets that you need to pick up/mail. However, you can sometimes get a good deal on great seats if you're willing to go the paper ticket route. (I picked up Dugout Club seats to a Dodgers playoff game because everyone was searching for electronic tickets on the event day.)

I would have no concerns buying the tickets now. That said, there is really no reason to buy them immediately. Tickets are going to be available for resale. I'd put a watch on the event and wait to see what happens with the price. Super early prices are often the highest with the prices dipping in the week of the event. There are lots of fluctuations.

Personally, I'm waiting to pick up tickets to the LA show.
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The Hamilton Broadway site says the following:" There are many ticket resellers and secondary markets for tickets. For the best seats and to eliminate the risk of fraud, get tickets in advance through the Box Office, Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster Plus or Purchasing tickets from any other seller runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets." I bought resale tickets to the Broadway show through Ticketmaster at a higher price than StubHub because I was terrified that StubHub would be fraudulent. Assuming the Chicago tickets are very expensive as well, I wouldn't run the risk of using StubHub.
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I have used stubhub many times for other, cheaper tickets, but for Hamilton I chose to use the ticketmaster resale where I was 100% confident I'd get in.
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A few incidents of fraudulent Stubhub and Craiglist tickets for the NYC show have been reported . If you have to buy now, you might call the box office directly to see if any are being held back and if so, when those release dates are. The box office might also be able to let you know if and when tickets will ever be resold through the official site. When we bought ours for the NYC show, Ticketmaster had both options.
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As someone who was lucky enough to get tickets to Hamilton Chicago via Ticketmaster, as part of their anti-scalping efforts they are not sending out tickets until approximately 45 days before the date of the show. So while many people have tickets they want to sell, and people want to buy, nobody actually has tickets in hand yet.
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Because of the stories of fake Hamilton tickets coming from StubHub, I would only purchase through Ticketmaster resale if I were you. Last time I checked both sites for NYC tickets, StubHub did have more selection, but prices were comparable.
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I have used stubhub many times for other, cheaper tickets, but for Hamilton I chose to use the ticketmaster resale where I was 100% confident I'd get in.

Ditto. I use StubHub A LOT, but for Hamilton, I would go with Ticketmaster Resale if I were you.
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N-thing using only the sites the site lists as trustworthy.

Ticketmaster Resale involves Ticketmaster reprinting the ticket with a new number/code, so that the old ticket becomes invalid and only the one you have access to can be used, as long as no one has access to your Ticketmaster account/email/xeroxing your printed-out ticket/stealing your paper ticket from your bag, you'll get into the show for the seats and date shown.

As far as I know, StubHub doesn't have anything in place to make it more reliable than Craigslist, so maybe use Craigslist as a mental comparison? I think StubHub does have one up over Craigslist in that they may reimburse you if you end up not able to see the event because it gets canceled or the ticket was fraudulent, but that just means you get your money back. They would not be getting you in to see Hamilton if your StubHub ticket turns out to be fraudulent, just reimbursing you.
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