Please help me find more dresses like this.
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Because of another post, I found and ordered this dress on sale from Boden in all three colors. I love this dress. Where do I find more of this kind of dress? What words do I need to look for when I'm searching?

What I like about it: casual, comfortable, so soft, not too short, doesn't look like I'm about to go run a marathon like Athleta/Title Nine dresses. It feels like I'm wearing pajamas.

I don't know a lot about clothing, so I don't know what words to use to find more dresses in a similar style.
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For descriptive words, I think you could pull directly from your link: blouson, gathered waist, jersey material, "length finishes at knee" (knee-length).
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Meant to add: did you you see the similar 'Audrey' dress at Boden? (Found by searching 'blouson' at the site.)
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This is a similar style at Nordstrom.
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It's kinda hit or miss, but I have found a bunch of those blouson style dresses at Ross. They're made by some random company that I think only sells at Ross.
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There are a lot of dresses like this at The Loft (formally Ann Taylor Loft).
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I would also call this a "tunic dress". Depending on your height you may also be able to shop for "tunics" and get a similar length dress. You could also try beach cover-ups though they might be a bit too see-through to wear as a dress.
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Firing "jersey blouson dress drawstring" into Google image search fetched up a decent number of same-y styles (though it's probably a bit late in the season -- snowsuits are already in stores).

If you truly adore the Boden one and the viscose is not pilling, I would consider buying at least one more in your favourite colour. I have never regretted buying multiples of The Best Ever [That Particular Type of Garment], but have certainly regretted not buying multiples, especially if a sale was involved.
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