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I'm a Canadian who has legal access to marijuana and would like to know which strains would work best at combating my various ailments.

My ailments:

A lack of energy
Back pain
Insomnia (I know indicas are best for this, but which ones are the absolute best at inducing sleep?)

I realize there are 'real' drugs out there that might be more ideal at combating some of these ailments, but just think of this as an experiment of sorts. I've always been an experimenter. I've smoked marijuana hundreds of times since I was 14 but I'm quite new to the world of high quality dispensary-grown weed and want to see what this whole world's like and see if weed in fact is good at treating some of my various ailments. If it ends up sucking at it, oh well . . . I'll still be glad I experimented. Weed has helped me at times in the past (especially at combating insomnia), but when buying it off the streets here the quality of the stuff is usually quite shoddy and nobody ever tells you what strain you're getting, whether or not it's laced with cocaine or other 'bonuses', etc. and that's no fun. Dispensaries have changed everything for me and have made weed more appealing to me.

Anyway, note that I already take prescription meds to keep my anxiety and depression in check, so marijuana would not be a replacement for these 'real' drugsā€”it just would be of additional help (well, hopefully). So yeah . . . I'm not looking for any 'real' drug recommendations here and would rather the focus be on marijuana.

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You might find Leafly helpful as a starting point.
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I recently sent this to a friend. Maybe it'll help you too.
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Just pointing out that dispensaries may not give you accurate strains/names. There is no regulation or oversight. Liscenced providers do have that regulation (MMPR), as well as the assurance there is no mould/chemicals/accurate THC/CBD. There me are actually now professionals who can advise you on strains, and their fees are covered under provincial health plans.
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There really isn't any real genetic difference between sativa and indica. However, there are chemotypes that are attributed to being sativa/indca.

There are 2 major cannabinoid; THC and CBD. There are 80+ other characterized cannaninoid end products. MMPR licensed producers will test the Cannabis products that they provide and inform you as to the amounts of THC and CBD that they contain. The ratio of THC and CBD is important in the specific effects that they impart to each individual.

The specific combination of all of those cannabinoids imparts the effect. In the grey/black market reproducibility is laughable. Something purported to be "Girl Scout Cookies" isn't (or is the bottom buds of a batch). Even if you bought the same strain the next time you bought, the THC/CBD ratio/concentration may be different.

In Canada, right now, 'standardization' is going to what people want. Licensed Producers are the best bet (but still a bet unless you find the right company) for it to happen.
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If you're not currently a MMPR medical user you are *not* legally allowed to access or possess.

Dispensaries, whether in Vancouver (some of which have city business licenses) or Toronto, are not legal. The unfortunate thing is that they are supplied with completely illicit and unregulated and untested product. The product isn't tested for potency much less pesticides or heavy metals or microbes or endotoxins.
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The G&M tested some dispensary MJ. (Past the paywall)
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