Toronto Massage Place (no rub-n-tug's please)
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TorontoMassageFilter: Anyone know a good massage place in Toronto?

Does anyone know a good/clean/non-shady massage place in Toronto?

I am looking to get some gift certificates for a stressed out friend and I would like them to relax with a nice rub down.
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Sutherland-Chan on Spadina south of Bloor.
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I second Sutherland-Chan, but I find the environment rather clinical.

For more spa-like environments, you might consider The Elmwood or the Stillwater Spa. The latter is great (but also far more costly than S-C) since they've got a co-ed lounge area and in the women's change room (I assume your friend is a woman as I've never been in the men's so can't comment on the facilities) they've got a sauna, steam room, whirlpool, and individual lounges with personal tvs that you can just chill in for however long you like after your treatment.

Just a thought, but does your friend like getting massaged? I know some people who are weird about stripping down to their skivvies and having a stranger touch them with nothing but a sheet to protect their modesty, so it may not be relaxing for your friend. With a spa gift certificate, they could choose from a greater variety of services like a mani/pedi/bodywrap.

It's very sweet of you to do this for your friend. :)
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I can also vouch for the Elmwood - I've been there twice for massages and other treatments, and it's lovely. They've just undergone renovations so I imagine that it's really snazzy now.

Premier Spas of Ontario has a list of member spas and their websites. While not all these spas are in Toronto, a lot of them are, and it's nice to look at price comparisons. I went to Ici Paris based on their recommendation in the booklet that Premier Spas of Ontario puts out each year, and had a good experience there too.

I do agree on getting the gift certificate for any service rather than a specific treatment - that way they can pick what service they want to relax them. Since my group insurance at work covers massage done by an RMT, I usually book other services as well since I can get most of the massage paid for by the insurance. Then I use my gift certificate for stuff I wouldn't normally treat myself to and it starts to feel like a real "spa day" (or half-day) versus just an hour or so.
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All One Holistic Clinic on Roncesvalles. Warm and quiet and a massage that turned me to butter.
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