Odd font rendering in Tiger
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I've been playing around lately with fonts, and I recently installed and then uninstalled FontAgent Pro. Now I'm finding certain sites and applications are rendering certain fonts oddly, making them appear heavier then they should.

There's a meta screenshot here. I'm not sure what specifically caused this, but it is happening across all accounts.

For part 2, can I uninstall fonts by deleting them from my /user/library/fonts folder, or do I need to go through something like font book? I'd like to wipe everything clear and reinstall, if only to get rid of all the crud I've let pile up.

If anyone has any idea how to get me back to normal, that'd be great.
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Two things you can try:
  1. Open Activity Monitor and make sure that no vestiges of FontAgent are running. Even though you may have removed the application from the application folder, it probably had a demon installed elsewhere. That alone may be enough to keep activating fonts.
  2. Use Onyx to delete your font caches
For part 2, yes - no problems.
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Font programs often connect to other apps, so check your browsers and do as nathan said. It could be those programs and browsers are looking to FontAgent, can't find it, and so are rendering weirdly.

I'd have uninstalled from fontbook first and from FontAgent Pro before deleting fonts from the library itself. You might have permission errors if not. Run disk utility too to fix any you might have.

(FontAgent is very temperamental i find. Often unrelated things done to other programs in your machines, or upgrading from 10.3.1 to 10.3.3, etc, can make FontAgent unable to recognize and stuff)
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also, go thru the preferences of each program and browser affected and make sure anti-aliasing, or smoothing, etc, is selected.
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I'm sorry, I can't see what's wrong in your screenshot. It appears exactly as I see this page. Can you point out which fonts aren't rendering correctly?
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