How to put a calendar in an ebook (cause tables don't work)
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I'm converting my book, which is in WORD, to an ebook. I have had to convert several tables to lists because the tables come out all screwy in the ebook format. But I've included a monthly calendar in the book, where you can see how somebody can organize her time day by day, only it doesn't come out right in the ebook...

In the ebook format it looks horrible, with cells overlapping. So now I'm looking for a way to express a monthly calendar where there's just one activity per day in maybe half the days of each week (I can't show the original here because tables never come out right here either, but you know what an actual calendar looks like.)

The only thing I've come up with seems awful, to wit ( a list):

Monday: 7:00-8:00 Drink Coffee
Tuesday: Nothing (or leave blank)
Wednesday: 9:00-10:00 take a bath

etc. Nothing calendar-ish about it, boring, etc.

Any thoughts on how I can express a calendar grid without using a table?
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Can you do it as an image?
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Make the calendar a picture and insert it as a image maybe?
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Response by poster: Oh I forgot to say, images are fixed size, so I don't know how to size them so he calendar can be read on a device or a phone etc. (sorry to sit on the question)
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The EPUB ebook format is fairly similar to HTML; Word's .docx format is not. A lot could get lost in the conversion process. So I would ask what you are using to convert your files.

I have not attempted .docx > EPUB conversion myself, but I have played around with markdown > EPUB conversion and had good luck with Pandoc. It's also possible that saving your Word file as an RTF file and using that as the conversion source might give you different results.
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An image is your only option for this.
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ebook clients usually resize inline images and allow for the graphic to be zoomed in and out of easily, so you're fine to make a crisp screenshot of the table. If it's too big to get in one screenshot, a quick workaround is to save what you want as a giant PDF (save a custom page or A3 page size) from word and then convert the PDF to a much lower filesize image file and crop it nicely to the border of the actual image.

Depending on the ebook software you're using, you can set the inline image size as much smaller than the actual image size so it will scale the image down, while allowing readers to click on the image and see it at full-quality size.
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