Help me find this online quiz to prove I have no discernment.
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Is it under $100 or over $1,000?

Sometime relatively recently, maybe six months ago, I stumbled on this click-bait quiz. It would show an object - an end table, a chair, a purse - and you would guess if it was under $100 or over $1,000. I was terrible at it! Is this an expensive designer vase? No! It's from Bed, Bath and Beyond! Is this a Target scarf? No! it's a $1,200 scarf!

I want to re-locate this quiz for work purposes. I want to prove that we don't have to spend big money to make our models look great, because most people can't tell the different between an $80 item and an $1,100 item just by looking at it. But my search is failing. Please help!
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Not a quiz, but here is the same idea.
posted by Mr.Know-it-some at 12:11 PM on July 19, 2016

Buzzfeed, probably. Here are some.
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Crap, I'm pretty sure this was ON METAFILTER (because I remember it too and I don't read many other sites) but I don't know what to search for in tags...
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This was definitely on MeFi. Having a hell of a time finding it though. Hrm.
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I was just checking back because I had hoped this had been answered. I also found it on metafilter, I think in a comment on a front-page post. It was for all sorts of things (not divided into categories) and seemed to go on and on. I haven't had any luck searching for it.
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Is it this one from Business Insider?


I searched for every combination of queries I could think of and came up with nothing.
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Response by poster: @mai - Similar idea, but that's not it. The quiz I'm looking for definitely showed a single item, and you would guess under $100 or over $1,000. Not two items and you guess which is more expensive. I actually did a little better on the quiz you linked.

Drat, you guys. I thought for sure somebody would find this. At least I learned two things: 1. I found this quiz on metafilter, and 2. I'm not just hopeless at searching since others are also struggling to find it.
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Best answer: YOU GUYS I FOUND IT!
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