Did I dream a new magic trick?
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Last night, when I was almost waking up, I dreamed I was watching a video of a magic trick. Can you help me remember who performed it?

The trick is performed with a specially made prop, like many popular tricks years ago. In my dream the prop was being shown by Tim Rowett, from Grand Illusions, complete with giggle, but I checked his channel and no, it wasn't there.

So I either saw the trick some time performed by somebody else, which is quite possible, or it was completely made up by my subconscious mind.

The effect was the following:

Tim showed the camera a small piece of wood which held two little pulleys attached by wire or something. From each of the pulley hang a piece of string, with tassels on each end.

Holding the piece of wood with one hand, letting the strings hang below, he would pull on the short end of one of the strings, and both pulleys would move, with the other string mimicking the one he pulled from (both pulleys moved counter-clockwise). So both strings would hang with the long end on the same side (let's say camera left). Then he would pull from the other end, with the same result, and switch a few times.

But then he would adjust the other string (the one he hadn't touched before), so that the long end would be now handing from the opposite side to the other one. He would then pull from the short end of the first string, and the short end of the other one would descend as well (so now the pulleys rotated in opposite directions). And again he would repeat a few times.

Where did I see this trick? I guess someone somewhere must have performed it. I remember similar effects, where the gimmicks would probably use a similar principle, but not this one.
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Is it the Chinese Sticks? Or something different?
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Response by poster: I know the Chinese sticks, that may have inspired my dream. But it was something different.

Here there was only one stick, two visible pulleys, and two (supposedly) distinct strings, each with both ends exposed.
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Sounds closer to the Pom Pom Pole.
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