Ordered on amazon wasn't charged?
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Ordered on amazon wasn't charged? I contacted amazon chat and synchrony chat. Now they want me to call. I'm too damn lazy to waste time on the phone to correct their mistake. What's the worst that can happen? Order was only 39.75
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Did the item arrive? Amazon doesn't charge you until the item is shipped, generally.
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Response by poster: Yeah it arrived on the 14th 2 days after the order.
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I think the worst that can happen is they charge you for the item at some point in the future, so nothing too bad. But FWIW I've had to call Amazon recently (twice) and it was not bad at all and everything got resolved quickly and easily.
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If you do nothing the worst is they'll probably charge you when they realize the mistake. Possible overdraft fees if it was charged on a check card and the amount isn't in your account when the charge finally goes through. I don't think you have to worry about any sort of legal repercussions, just expect to pay it at some point.

(Then again, I just had $58 mysteriously credited to my Amazon account. Still don't know where that came from.)
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Response by poster: Do you have a kindle? Probably where the credit came from. And yeah it's on a credit card with zero balance right now so if they charge it no big deal. I actually brought the stuff for a family member who doesn't have prime and they gave me the cash. So I'm kinda +$40 at the moment. If they figure it out fine I'll pay and I did my damn best to point it out. Just don't feel like calling syncrhony
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I make a lot of purchases on Amazon. Currently my record is being charged for something seven full weeks after I purchased and received it. Nothing "bad" happened (I didn't even notice I hadn't been charged for it), I just got an explanation-free charge out of nowhere many weeks later.
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You mention the Kindle credit --- if you got one of those, it can be used for anything Amazon sells, not just more ebooks, so maybe it got taken out of that.
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There was an Apple/Amazon settlement that resulted in credits for many customers (hence catatethebird's "mystery" credit. I got $113). If you buy something and have the credit, it depletes that first before charging your credit card. Maybe you didn't notice you got one?
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Yes, the Amazon customer service is quite fast.
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I benefited from an Amazon error recently, in a completely different way. They thought something was shipped later than expected and refunded the shipping charge (in the neighborhood of $10). In fact, the notice of this refund arrived the same day the item arrived -- the item actually arrived slightly ahead of schedule. Weird. I mentioned this in "packaging feedback" I think.

I figure if you give them notice, they can act on it or not (although I realize "packaging feedback" isn't notice, per se. However, your chat with customer service should be.)
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Recently settled class action suit and what you have coming is deducted from the money you would have been given but get in goods instead. This has happened for me and have just run out of "money owed me" from that suit.
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What is the method of payment listed on the invoice?
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If you happened to have Amazon credit, and the money was paid through that, it should have shown that when you checked out (or shown an order total of $0.00.) So that's not the likely answer unless you did notice that.

And side note about the mysterious credit, I don't have an actual kindle, but do use the kindle app, and buy a lot of ebooks. I did get a credit several years ago for that class-action suit, but I believe it stated that's what it was for. Was there another one? Or is this an ongoing thing? Otherwise I don't see how that was where the recent credit came from, it appeared with no explanation. (I guess my attitude was: Free money, let's not look too hard into this! Should probably figure it out just in case.)
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