Instrumental jazz album for sexy times
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What is your favorite jazz album for making love? Prefer anything later than 1950 but before 1990. Also prefer instrumental. Not too obscure. Should be easy to find on iTunes. That's it. Thanks!
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Are you thinking this would be mellow, a little more fast-paced, or just wanna see what you get? Are you thinking "quiet storm" kind of stuff or 50s bebop?

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis for mellow, maybe A Love Supreme by Coltrane (there's some chanting at one part). You could snoop around for stuff by the Wes Montgomery trio as well - I have A New Dynamic Sound, which is pretty laid back.
Oh Yeah! or Blues and Roots by Charles Mingus for more aggressive stuff.
Panacea by Greyboy comes in just under your 1990 deadline.
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I have a friend who speculates that a large percentage of my Gen-X cohort (born mid-late-60s) were conceived to the sounds of Getz/Gilberto.
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Love Supreme
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I am going to recommend Herbie Mann, because jazz flute. And specifically Push Push, if you are not afraid of the Seventies.
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Was just about to recommend Push Push. I mean, have you seen that album cover? Does anything scream sleazy 70s sexy time more than that?
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And, while we're on the topic of the 70s and album covers featuring somewhat menacing-looking dudes with abundant chest hair, I'm going to recommend Grover Washington Jr., specifically Feels So Good.
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Grover Washington Jr.'s Winelight would also work.
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I think In a Silent Way works better if you're going with Miles Davis.
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My Favorite Things by John Coltrane and Down on Green Dolphin Street by Miles.
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Miles Davis - Porgy & Bess.
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Miles Lift to the Scaffold (you'll probably find it listed under its French title). It's terrific!
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Dave Brubeck, Take Five.
Antonio Jobim
Ellis Marsalis Trio
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Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell's El Corazón . Extremely intimate and lovely.

Also available on iTunes for $11.99US.
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Don Ellis' Haiku.
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Anything by Chet Baker.
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