Better to-do list for Palm OS?
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Better to-do list for Palm OS? The bult-in "tasks" is good for singular, date-based items, but is there anything similar to Ta-da Lists for the Palm? Ideally I want to be able to create multiple lists of to-do items ("Books To Read" for example) and have checked items move to the bottom of the list or disappear. (Just bought a T|X and am having fun playing around)

Oh, and as is always the case with questions like these, free is ideal, but I'll gladly pay if it's worthwhile.
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In Palm OS (both desktop and handheld) you can create new ToDo categories. That should do it for you, I'd think. I never use the date feature in my todo lists, just the items themselves, and the priorities.

On the subject of Palm, since you're a new user, you MUST immediately go buy and install DateBk5. Fantastic. I live by it.

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Sadly, my trusty Visor died recently, but I was using Shadow Plan and Progect to handle todos.

Progect is free. Shadow Plan is not, but is very reasonable, updated often, and includes unlimited upates.
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Best answer: After doing some Googling, I found pretty much exactly what I was looking for: BrainForest
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