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I recently switched to Twitter as my social network of choice (from Facebook). It is still confusing, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it and am enjoying it more than Facebook. I recently discovered the lists feature and have found it to be a good way to organize topics I'm interested in without clogging up my main timeline. Further, I've realized that other people have put together some great lists already, and I can subscribe to those way quicker than it would take me to build my own.

This is actually my second time on Twitter. My first time, I followed a ton of people and was quickly overwhelmed by the volume of posts to the point where I left Twitter after a short period of time. Facebook got more and more annoying, so I figured I'd try out Twitter again and be more careful when determining who to follow.

The big realization with regards to lists came when AFABulous linked to his Black Lives Matter list in a post on the Blue. I'm not sure I would have known where to start to curate a list like that, but it has been a great jumping off point for me. So, what are the best topical lists you have curated yourself or you subscribe to? Also, if you use this feature, how have you discovered some of the lists that you subscribe to?

Some topics that interest me (although please don't limit yourself to this the topics below when making recommendations):
- Food/Wine/Beer
- Current Events/News/Politics
- Data/Analytics
- Parenting
- Technology
- Aviation
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Not sure how up to date those lists are, but I found this.

Although what I usually do is that when I find a tweet by someone who seems interesting, I look at what lists people put her in (go to the "membership" link in their bio - here's an example) and if the list name sounds interesting, I'll subscribe to it.
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